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Personally Driven Tuition

In Ssang Yong Kwan mental and technical discipline there can be a small area that craves your attention. A Ssang Yong Kwan’s private lesson is a micro study in the art of taekwondo, designed to help you face your challenges. In two minutes, you and your instructor will set your aim, and in the next 60 minutes you’ll work one-on-one towards your intention. Feedback then flows through to your next class and beyond. You can also use a private lesson to simply catch up on a class or skill.

Private Class**

All Ages

Private lessons can be useful for students who are fast learners or slow learners. They can be used to polish techniques or enhance a skill. They can boost your confidence during regular class.

Contact us to book a Private Lesson with an Instructor at Ssang Yong Kwan in a secondary training space during timetabled hours outside your regular class times.


Remarks: Schedule upon availability**

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