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Systematic Black Belt Development

Ssang Yong Kwan sets itself apart from other schools with our extraordinary Beyond Black Belt Syllabus. Developed and perfected by our chief instructors through years of training and research, Beyond Black Belt is a world-first teaching program.

Syllabus Rotations

A black belt may at first seem like the culmination of your training, and as the highest martial arts qualification it’s a remarkable achievement. But we believe that self-mastery is a never-ending journey, and true progress equals continuous learning. Beyond Black Belt gives dedicated practitioners a framework with which to constantly deepen their skill and understanding. The syllabus cleverly weaves eight themed rotations into a training and development program with infinite possibilities.

Rotations and Themes

Rotations 1-8 have the desired black belt mindset themes of: Passion, Clarity, Commitment, Determination, Flexibility, Self Control, Mental Toughness and Confidence.

Black Belt Excellence

Together, the rotations create Black Belt Excellence, a constant learning system that encompasses World Taekwondo Federation training methods and a compelling blend of techniques from the best of other martial arts. There are four categories of Black Belt Excellence: Art, Sparring, Self Defence and Mindset.


At the beginning of each rotation, students can choose to specialise in and be graded on Poomsae, sparring or demonstration techniques, and devote 70% of their energies to one of these methods. The remaining 30% of training load is then devoted to the other three categories of Black Belt Excellence.


Gradings are based on experience over time.

Comprehensive Resource

The Beyond Black Belt Program includes comprehensive information on the history of taekwondo, terminology, competition rules and the culture.

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