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Terms & Conditions

It’s a condition of enrolment that members are aware of and agree to abide by the Ssang Yong Kwan terms and conditions. We also expect Junior students, and their parents on their behalf, to read and understand these terms and conditions.



All members and their guests use Ssang Yong Kwan facilities at their own risk. Ssang Yong Kwan cannot accept responsibility for damage or injury through use of any facility. Furthermore, Ssang Yong Kwan is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, or damage to property or vehicles.

Damage to Ssang Yong Kwan property must be paid for by any member who wilfully or negligently causes such damage. Members are responsible for damage caused by their guests or children.

Terms & Conditions Changes

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and posted on

New conditions are effective immediately from the date of change.

Change of Address

We ask that members notify us of a change of mailing address, email address or telephone numbers as soon as possible. It’s essential that you keep this information up-to-date so that we can contact you if necessary or in an emergency. Your email address is also used to tell you about news and events. 

Progress and Concerns

Members can discuss their progress or concerns with our instructors or staff at any time.

Class Attendance

Always call us if you can't attend class, so we can help you catch up. It’s vital to catch up on syllabus work.



We believe members should always act in ways that acknowledge pride in Ssang Yong Kwan and themselves. Ssang Yong Kwan members are expected to always use common sense and are regarded as being under the centre’s discipline when on the premises or at Ssang Yong Kwan functions.

  • To maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the centre, and to allow members to train in a positive environment, we ask that members exhibit disciplined and responsible conduct

  • Ssang Yong Kwan retains the right to discipline, suspend or dismiss any member from its centre, on the grounds of unsatisfactory conduct or performance, or failure to observe any of our rules

  • Take pride in your uniform by wearing it neatly and appropriately

  • Always use common courtesy, good judgement and general good manners, which includes responding kindly and politely to the words and actions of othe

  •  Be considerate and respectful of others, which includes considering the volume of your voice, swearing and offensive language

  • Consider your own safety as well as the safety of others — be careful where you place your possessions

  • Do not chew gum

Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Taekwondo is a close contact sport. We ask that members maintain high standards of personal hygiene and keep their fingernails and toenails clean and trimmed.

Members who take part in competitions or demonstration teams should also take extra care of their personal appearance, as they are seen as role models to a broad audience. They must set a good example, as the image they project portrays the reputation of Ssang Yong Kwan.


Ssang Yong Kwan staff may take photographs of students at times, in class or at events, which may be used on our website or social media sites.

Tell us if you don’t want your photograph taken or published.

Training Rules and Guidelines

Ssang Yong Kwan is committed to providing positive and dynamic martial arts training facilities. To do so, some guidelines need to be followed for the benefit of all members and for the constant and never-ending improvement of the training centre. We want you to train effectively and realise your goals.

  • Members are asked to not infringe on the rights of others, nor bring discredit through their actions on themselves or Ssang Yong Kwan

  • Adherence to our rules and guidelines will help us to run more efficiently and let us serve you better

  • Work on your fitness with meaning 24/7

  • Bow on entering and leaving the training halL

  • Bow to instructors as a taekwondo courtesy

  • Always wear the proper uniform — dobok with badges and belt

  • In cold weather, you can wear Ssang Yong Kwan merchandise over your dobok; no other attire is allowed

  • Bag shoes can only be worn in special circumstances; discuss with your instructor if needed

  • For safety reasons, wear no jewellery in class

  • No chewing gum is allowed

  • Use only your own water bottle

  • Use your own training gear in contact sparring such as mouthguard, groin guard, arm and shin guards, chest protector and head guard

  • No food is allowed in the training hall

  • Members taking medication (e.g. asthma inhaler) should it at all times and tell their instructor

  • Member allergies must be indicated on event forms

  • Abusive language or misconduct is not tolerated

  • A high standard of personal discipline is expected

  • Warming up before training and cooling down after training is essential to prevent injuries

  • Tell your instructor in advance if you need to leave early

  • Ssang Yong Kwan is smoke free inside and around the perimeters of centres

  • Spectators can enter the main training hall by instructors’ invitation only


Members, their parents or legal guardians realise that sometimes injuries may occur while doing martial arts and sports due to accidents. They will not hold Ssang Yong Kwan, its instructors or event organisers and helpers responsible for any injuries that may occur and agree to Ssang Yong Kwan staff seeking medical help or administering first aid in the case of injury as deemed appropriate. Costs associated with the injury will be the responsibility of the member, parent or legal guardian.

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